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11. - 14.7.2024


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A heart led Festival around community, bliss and AcroYoga ​to up-level your life

Are you ready to meet yourself in the eyes of another?

To surrender and let yourself fly?

To be someones earth and pillar?

AcroYoga experience welcome - but NOT REQUIRED!

During the day practice AcroYoga with some of the leading teachers from around the ​globe.

Delicious practices to nourish your body and soul.

Yoga - Breathwork - Sharing Circles - Sensual Embodiment - Thai Yoga Bodywork


Singing Circles - Sing Along Concert - Ecstatic Dance

In the evening relax and let loose

Ecstatic dance - Sauna - Fire - Bodywork - Cuddle Puddle - Talent show

Not only will you fly high and become one with the earth, you will also receive ​transmissions that will change your life. We are not just Acroyogis. We are community ​builders, lovers of life, and empowerment coaches for Life, Love, and Relationship.

Are you ready to learn playful, soul nourishing tools for

building connection with friends, family and community?

What makes AcroYoga unique and useful for your life?

Because you're working with at least one other person, the qualities of

💜 trust,



🩵problem solving,





...are all brought into presence for exploring.

Join a tribe that reaches across the globe,

a family that practices with the super powers of Love and Connection.

Stretch beyond your perceived limitations in a fun and gentle environment.

Whether you are an experienced acroyogi wanting to dive deep into practice.

Or a curious adventurer, desiring a new tool for connection and play.

Whether you participate as a single, with your beloved,

a family, or bring all your friends!

Here is a nourishing and safe space to challenge

and strengthen your body and mind,

in community

High caliber teachers and spirit keepers

of this incredible tribe await you at the German Kula Celebration

Sending you Love,

your organizers

Avianna and Winni

Experience the Magic

Embark on an enchanting journey with us ​during our exhilarating 4-day gathering. ​Together, we'll co-create a vibrant ​playground infused with trust, boundless ​love, and pure fun!

Diverse International Lineup

Our carefully curated lineup promises a diverse range of activities designed to uplift and transform. Imagine immersing yourself in the dynamic world of AcroYoga, discovering balance, collaboration, and the thrill of soaring through the air.

Defy Gravity with Acrobatics

Delve into the realm of acrobatics and master gravity-defying feats that push your limits and ignite your sense of adventure. Experience the joy of expanding what you thought was possible.

Beyond the Physical

Our offerings extend beyond the physical realm. Engage in rejuvenating bodywork sessions that harmonize your body and spirit, and let your heart's voice shine in singing circles that foster unity.

Elevate Your Practice

Elevate your practice with invigorating handstand workshops, unlocking a new dimension of strength and mindfulness. See the world from a new perspective and find centeredness in every moment.

Dance and Meditate

Join us for the Ecstatic Dance evening event, allowing your innermost emotions to find expression. Explore meditative practices that guide you towards inner peace and clarity.

Build Community Bonds

The essence of community-building is at the core of our gathering. Connect with like-minded souls, sharing touch, laughter, and moments of vulnerability. Co-create a space where everyone is safe, and everyone is welcomed with open arms.

Unforgettable Journey

Throughout these four unforgettable days, immerse yourself in an experience that transcends the ordinary. Embrace opportunities to learn, grow, and play in ways that renew your spirit and ignite joy within.

Embrace the Adventure

Join us and become a part of this extraordinary adventure. Every moment is an opportunity to fully embrace life, cultivating memories that will last a lifetime.

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Save your spot and register today!

(limited number of participants)

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Ticket price 125.-€!*

*Additional, the booking for food and accommodation with the venue is mandatory.

Prices and Booking here.

*** Huge discounts available for members of the Peace Circle Society! ***

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Thursday, 11. July 2024

Friday, 12. July 2024

Saturday, 13. July 2024

Sunday, 14. July 2024

Line Up 2024

Niko Douwes

Niko travels the world and shares circus and partner acrobatic skills. ​He es as well acrobatics teacher, performer, and movement therapist. ​In class he focus on skill progression, sustainability of practice, and ​inspire his students to push boundaries in a safe and fun environment. ​Niko has a passion for good food, especially dessert. He prefers ​coconut ice cream.

He is also a co-organizer of the Pre-convention to the Dutch Acro ​, the Bangkok Acro Convention ​ and teaches Workshops around ​the world.

Simultaneously Niko teaches for Pitch Catch Circus, LEAP and works ​with many other international Acrobatic/ Circus projects, as a coach ​with over 30 years of experience he has the right expertise to take ​acrobats to the next level.

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Winfried Ruhs

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Winni is leading the organizing team for the German Kula - AcroYoga ​Conference. As a peace activist and visionary, he began his journey ​into spirituality, yoga, healing arts and community building in 2006.

His passion for a self-determined life and a healed earth, brought him ​to many wonderful teachers. With whom he did a lot of inner work on ​himself, and collected and developed valuable tools, that he now ​shares with a lot of passion.

In 2008 he discovered AcroYoga as a holistic tool to find connection ​within himself and others. He dived deep into the practice, studied ​with basically every European AcroYoga teacher that was available, ​and did his Teacher Training with Jason Nemer and Jenny Sauer-Klein ​in 2011.

Together with his wife (now ex-wife) he founded the FLYING YOGIS. He ​became an AcroYoga pioneer, by traveling to many different cities to ​introduce AcroYoga to new communities. Later he also started giving ​AcroYoga Teacher Trainings.

Around this time, he also started diving deep into the art of Thai Yoga ​Massage and began teaching this healing art in workshops and ​trainings.

Whatever he teaches, he loves to focus on community building, implement singing circles and always opens ​up a heart-centered, safe space. Where a wide spectrum of qualities are held, including calming, meditative, ​playful, deep diving, uplifting and empowering.

After his divorce in 2022, he started together with his new partner Avianna McKee to dive deeper into the ​topics of Tantra and Sex, Love and Relationship coaching. He added these new tools to his repertoire, and ​became together with Avianna a teaching couple again!

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Avianna McKee

Avianna McKee is co-organizer of the 2023 German Kula - AcroYoga ​Conference. Excited to pour her heart into this project, inspired by the ​sweet community she has met the last couple years, Avianna is all ​about fun, ease and high vibes in any gathering or celebration she ​creates.

Born in Anchorage Alaska, Avianna is a dancer at heart. She began ​performing professionally at the age of 14, with the Alaska Dance ​Theater Company. Becoming a Soloist with age 16. With 19 years of ​age Avianna moved from Alaska to Germany. Founding a successful ​skatepark building company with her (then) husband. Adding modeling ​to her repertoire, Avianna traveled extensively and enjoyed the ​adventures of modeling. Avianna continued to work as a freelance ​dancer, as well as for the Bayerisches Staats Opern Ballet, and the ​Augsburg Staatstheater Ballet.

In 2017 her first child was born. Soon after, in 2018 her second child ​followed. With the birth of her children, Avianna faced a 180degree ​shift in her way of life, a profound healing journey began... Avianna ​dedicated herself for the next 5 years to being a mother and ​housewife. Modeling occasionally and offering holistic dance classes.


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Searching for a new skill to bring healing and wellbeing into the world, Avianna attended Winfried Ruhs' course to ​learn Thai Yoga Heilungsrituale in 2021. They quickly felt something magical between them, and have woven thier ​lives intricately together since then.

Avianna discovered a deep, dormant passion for Tantra...always knowing that there were higher potentials to ​experiencing life.... Following another hearts passion, diving into learning skills like Sacred Sexuality, Radical Self ​Love, Sex Magic, the intricacies of Relationship, Empowerment of Women and Men, Healing relationship between ​Women and Men and more....Avianna is excited to have begun a two year long, rigorous training, to become a VITA ​Method Certified Coach.

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Michael Zirnstein

more infos soon...

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Susanne Fabel

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Her movement journey started 15 years ago with Ashtanga Yoga and ​sports climbing. When she discovered Acroyoga in 2012, she felt ​immediately in love with the practice, especially with the playful ​aspect of Acroyoga, that makes it easy to build connection and trust ​and brings a smile on everyone’s face.

Susanne is certified from Acroyoga International (2015) and Acroyoga ​Montreal (2022). She is a Yoga and Movement Flow teacher, ​Embodiment coach, an experienced bodyworker and Thai Massage ​practitioner.

Her personal movement practice and thinking is shaped by the ​integration of different disciplines (like Yoga, Budokon, Acroyoga, ​climbing, calisthenics, floorwork, Thai Massage, Natural Movement...) ​and the idea to keep on learning and to integrate new movement ​experiences to expand body awareness.

Her passion is to explore and to share movement with the people ​around her. Based in Osnabrück, she put her energy and heart into ​building the community there, organizing Jams and teaching ​workshops, but she also loves to travel and to share her experience at ​festivals, retreats, workshops and other events all over Germany and ​internationally.

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Lucas Nunes Barbosa.

Born in Brazil in 1976 During his youth, Lucas spends most of his time ​to evolve in the practice of Skateboard. During these years he was ​working in different places usually related to sales and artistic ​production. In 2000, after some injuries with skateboarding, begins to ​seek answers about life, which led to many alternative experiences: ​know how to live in community, vegetarianism, ayahuasca, ecovillages ​... in 2004 was found by the mandalas and in 2005 found Buddhism ​and the first experiences with Yoga, there in Brazil.

In 2008 he came to Europe and start living Yoga and Acroyoga. He ​practiced and studied every day, which continues until today. After a ​year, almost by chance, he starts giving weekly classes of Yoga and ​Acroyoga. His deep involvement will take to train as an Acroyoga ​teacher in 2011. Every weekend he looks for workshops in alignment, ​pranayama and many of acroyoga. Also acrobatics and Thai massage. ​In this last search he was formed with Dayalu. Since 2010 he attends ​each year to the Dutch Acrobatic Festival, where he go deeper in the ​acrobatic technics.

Over the past 4 years, he has attended Sindu in Yoga teacher training, ​which teaches María alignment in asanas and some Acroyoga and ​massage.

Lucas and María started giving two years ago Acroyoga training ​teachers in order to bring more Yoga to this practice, and giving each ​personalized attention and continuous feedback. With this, he learns ​and incorporates knowledge for development as an educator. 2 years ​founded with Mary the Acroyogathai community in Kerala, India ago. ​The community is a tool they offer to those who seek inquiry into the ​way of self-knowledge, and works the same way for your own personal ​growth.

Today Lucas, along with Mary, in addition to the training courses and ​classes and move forward in their practice, they spend much of their ​time to finish their book, a manual describing their teaching practice ​and understanding. Through this material they guide the TTC in ​collaboration with Zoltan and Tiago.

Lucas also enjoy in his daily live creating custom mandalas and giving ​massages previously arranged to make the most of the therapy.

Deeply grateful to the people who have accompanied him on his ​learning, as María, parner of him in this path, Tiago who open for him ​the first doors, Angelo as a teacher of Yoga and Jason & Jenny for the ​invitation to spread the Acroyoga.


Asha is an acroyoga and standing acrobatics teacher with a ​background in gymnastics, cheerleading, and street performance. She ​was a competitive cheerleader for 8 years where she fell in love with ​standing partner stunting. Since then, she has been cultivating an ​interdisciplinary movement practices including Lyra hoop, outdoor ​rock climbing, Latin dance, handstands, and dynamic standing and ​icarian partner acrobatics. She has taught classes and workshops ​internationally in Oakland, San Francisco, Sri Lanka, Toronto, and ​Hawaii. Most recently she has been working with a trio troupe, ​performing on the streets of Barcelona.

Asha loves learning and teaching technical skills, dynamic sequences, ​trio acrobatics, as well as therapeutic acro. She has a strong focus on ​alignment and technique while keeping sight of what brings this ​practice alive for her: exploration and play.

Andi Schaipp

more Infos soon


Impressions of the German Kula 2015

Impressions of the German Kula 2013

Pictures from the last years:

Thanks to our photographers:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the German Kula suitable for beginners or people without any experience in AcroYoga?

Yes, the German Kula is very community oriented. You are also very welcome, as an absolute beginner! In every time slot, there will be ​at least one workshop that is especially for beginners, beginner-friendly or open level. There will always be some experienced students, ​assistants, or teachers that can support you.

Does it make sense to participate as a single person?

Yes, definitely! You are very welcome as a single participant! The practice of AcroYoga supports coming in contact, and you will easily ​make new contacts. Many participants will come alone and have the same situation. We will do our best to create a safe space where ​we cultivate qualities like mutual support, connection, respect, mindfulness and taking care of each other.

Can I participate with physical restrictions?

Generally yes, but it depends on your expectations. A big part of AcroYoga is being together as a community. Even if you can't ​participate physically, you will still be part of the community. Nobody will be excluded because of physical restrictions. There are also ​offers, that are physically more gentle, like Thai Yoga Massage, Singing Circles, etc.

Do I get another confirmation mail after I have transferred the money?

No, we are only writing you if - for any reason - the money has not arrived after some time.

Can I get an invoice that I can use for my tax return?

You can get an invoice that you can potentially use for your tax return only form the location for providing your food & ​accommodation. Unfortunally we as a Verein, only give out reciepts (no formal invoices). That way we can keep our costs for ​administation and other side costs at a minimum and give you better prices for the event itself instead.

If you mention in the your food & accommodation booking your invoice address, you will automatically get an invoice by end of July ​for your food and accommodation. To keep our accounting efficient, we would like to do it all at once right after the event and not for ​every single one extra before. Thank you for your patience!

How do I know if there are still rooms available?

This information you can find directly in the registration form. We are posting a "fully booked" , or delete the option immediately when ​a room category is full. If we are not fast enough to delete the fully booked options, we will inform you within the next days and change ​your booking according to the remaining options and your wishes.

Are there day- or weekend-passes available?

Since we kept the prices for the festival ticket as low as possible, we unfortunately can´t give further discounts for people who only ​participate for a part of the time. However, your costs for food and accommodation will be adjusted to the actually length of your ​booking.

Is it possible to not order the food and self-cater instead?

We are working on that topic, but so far, the venue requires, that every participant orders their food with them. The food is served as ​an organic, vegetarian buffet, and there will be for sure something on the table that speaks to you!

Do I need to bring a Yogamat?

Yes, please bring a yogamat (+ optional blanket)

Can I change my booking?

Yes, you can. If you would like to change your accommodation option or transfer your booking to another person, this is possible. Since ​this is extra work for us, we ask for a servie fee of 15€ per person per change.

Can I get a refund, in case of a cancellation?

Cancellations earlier than 14 days prior to the event, will be handled like booking changes (we charge a 15€ fee per person). If you c​ancel later than 14 days prior to the event, we can´t refund you your ticket, but you can still transfer your booking to another​ person for 15€. Please note, that supporter membership fees are not refundable, since this cost is not directly associated with this even​t. So even in the unlikely cas​e​, that the whole event gets cancelled from our si​de, we can´t refund membership fees.

Can I stay together with my friends in one room?

If you all booked together or right behind each o​ther - yes, you can stay in one room. Please mention that in your registration. If you only registered yourself and your friends registered​ one week later, we can not guarantee, that you stay in a group. The nice thing is: in this community​ ​it is so ​much FUN to meet new friends ;) ​For sure we divide in male and female rooms.


When and where is the Check-In?

Arrival is possible from Thursday, 10th of july, 3 pm​. To find the Check-In please follow the signs. :) Please do the Check-in as the first thing after your arrival. You will g​e​t there a bracelet, that gives you access to​ the dining hall and the workshop spaces.

Do​ I have to bring bedsheets and/or towels?

That depends on your acc​ommodation category:

- for single- and double bedrooms, sh​eets and covers are included

- for 4-bedrooms, please bring your own sheets and covers

- for 6/8-bedroom or dormatory, t​h​ere are only matressed! You have to bring your own sleepingbag / blankets and pillow.

The standard size for the sheets is 90/10​0​ x 200. If you s​tay in your tent or cam​per, please​ ​bring your own sleeping equipment.

rental prices:

- sheets and covers 7€

- towel 2€

Can​ I drink alcoholic beverages and/or get high during my stay at the Windberg Com​m​unity?

No! Please refrai​n from alcohol or any recreational drug use during your stay!

Can I buy coffee there?

Yes! Coffee is not just tolerated, it is even su​pported by the Windberg Community! They are extra running a little coffee shop that is open around breakfast time and also af​ter lunch to make sure nobody has to suffer from​ ​coffee withdrawal. Even newcomers are welcome to start their new coffee habits there!

Support us as a festival-helper!

Are you ready to be a part of the magic?

We're on the lookout for dedicated festival helpers to make our unforgettable 4-day gathering even more extraordinary!

As a festival helper, you'll play a vital role in co-creating this vibrant playground of trust, love, and fun. Your energy and enthusiasm will help uplift the entire experience for our attendees.

Perks Await: Not only will you be contributing to an incredible event, but festival helpers will also receive special discounts, making this adventure even more accessible and rewarding.

If you're passionate about creating memorable moments, fostering unity, and embracing the extraordinary, we want you on our team. Join us in making this gathering an unforgettable journey for all.

Contact us today to become a festival helper and be a part of something truly special!

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Windberg e.V.

Am Windberg 1

99625 Beichlingen

Closest airport: Airport ​Leipzig/Halle

Closest train station: Kölleda

4€ p.P Shuttle to/from Kölleda train station:

  • Thursday, July 10th between 13.45 - 17.45 h
  • Sunday, July 14th between 14.30 - 16.30 h

To order a shuttle, please send an email to

Call a Taxi/Cab:

+49-3635-401166 (Kölleda)

+49-3634- 609780 (Sömmeda)

Check our German Kula Facebook Site for carsharing / Mitfahrbörse to arrange travels together.


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